What We Do

Conexão Cultural is a Brazilian organization that connects people with culture and social issues in Brazil and worldwide and promotes creative occupation of public and cultural spaces.

Some of what of we do:

Placemaking – We idealize and produce several projects of transformations and activations of public spaces through the tool Placemaking, “to make places”. The “places” mentioned here are public spaces that stimulate interactions between the people themselves and between people and the city, promoting healthier and happier communities. Placemaking is both a broad concept and a practical tool for improving a neighborhood, a city or a region.

Cultural events – we bring new forms of entertainment, interaction and public participation in cultural spaces, streets, museums, public squares and parks. Through an innovative curatorship, we find local talents and integrate various forms of art (graffiti, music, visual arts, gastronomy) to activate the creative occupation of those spaces.

Creative workshops – we develop and produce creative workshops to stimulate new forms of entertainment, exchange of knowledge and artistic practice, integrating the public with artists, through different experiences, with graffiti, organic cuisine, musical instruments, recycled art, fine arts, circus, among others.

Creative consulting – through surveys and mapping of local artists, social movements, cultural spaces, artistic collectives and creative projects and initiatives, we offer to museus, companies and institutions a diverse range of cultural and social content.

Cultural content – from surveys and mapping of local artists, cultural spaces, collectives and creative projects, we develop creative content online (articles, interviews and videos) and offline (printed material and guides), covering trends and news in the field of creativity, urban behavior, interventions, art and culture in Brazil.


Please contact us in case you need more information:

E-mail: contato@conexaocultural.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ccconexaocultural

Instagram and Twitter: @conexaocult